When people think about home renovations, they tend to think of expensive projects like a completely new kitchen or bathroom. While such renovations pay off in the long-run, you don’t have to spend a ton of money and time to update your home. Some DIY renovations can be completed over the weekend. If you are ready to give your home some attention, tackle some of the following easy home renovations in your spare time.

1. Easy Home Renovations to Upgrade Your Entryway

Updating your front door is one of the easiest home projects. Painting your home’s front door and upgrading the outdoor lighting will improve your home’s curb appeal. Choose a bright color for your front door and add new hardware. To make your entryway even more appealing, add plants and a new welcome mat.

2. Install a New Faucet

The right faucet can make your kitchen sink look brand new. Install a new stylish faucet that fits with your sink. A tall faucet adds dimension and height to the countertop.

3. Easy Home Renovations to Add Storage

Every home needs plenty of storage. You can add storage to your home even if you don’t have the option of installing a new closet or a built-in shelving system. Consider new furniture, such as side tables, armoires, and a coffee table with storage. Add an entryway table to store keys, shoes, and umbrellas.

4. Replace Old Windows with Energy-Efficient Windows

Consider replacing older, single-pane windows with newer, energy-efficient ones. You’ll save on energy costs after you complete this upgrade. Although installing new windows is not a DIY project for most people, it will pay off long-term and you’ll see immediate savings on your power bills.

5. Paint or Wallpaper Your Walls

Could your walls use a makeover? Consider repainting or wallpapering your walls. The right coat of paint or wallpaper will enhance the appearance and add some value to your home, so choose colors wisely. Lighter, neutral colors may be best if you intend to sell your home because they will match different styles of furniture and decor.

6. Install New Lighting

Installing lighting is one of the most impactful home renovations, and you may be able to do it yourself if you have some experience with electrical work. You can brighten your kitchen’s dining area by installing pendulum lights. Add some under-cabinet lighting to illuminate your kitchen workspace.

If you want to enhance your space, the renovations listed above may be just what you need. To change the appearance of your home without spending too much time and money, start with one of these smaller projects.

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